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Nathan D. Manna is a theatre and visual artist based in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is currently pursuing a BA in Performance Studies at the College of the Holy Cross. Previously, he spent his year abroad at the University of Sussex in their Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies program. 

Growing up in the small conservative town of Sutton, Massachusetts, Nathan was attacked for being gay when he came out in the 7th grade. While a deeply sad portion of his life it also galvanized him to pursue activism and make the world a better place. Taking up the call to change the world he started volunteering at his local library which then led him to serving on the Worcester Youth Pride Committee and then becoming Chair of it, and the Director of the Worcester Pride Parade. This past summer he served as an intern in the office of State Representative Natalie M. Higgins working on LGBTQIA+ legislation and, and currently serves as an intern with Governor's Councillor-Elect Paul DePalo working on issues relating to the Massachusetts court system. While this work is important and he loves it, he feels that his artistic work is the true key to creating social change and uses his art to do so. 

For more on my artistic vision see my statement on the Home page.

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